Strong women we love

This week is my grandmother’s birthday. She was the strongest female influence in my life as a child, and her teachings guide me to this day. I was able to break out of some generational trauma through her words and acts, and I’m grateful.

I use her as an inspiration for the strong women I write–Inessa Regan of SECOND CHANCES, who comes up against a soldier with PTSD; Lily Pearl Evans, who must protect the man she loves from the Mexican drug cartel seeking revenge in SECRETS IN THE SAND; Caryn Orlane, who, as an officer of the Bureau of Land Management, fights white supremacists and militia in TENDER MISDEMEANORS; and many others.

Here’s her story, featured this week at the blog home of Dee S. Knight:

Also, for my writer friends, here’s a great column on writing your own strong women!

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